We're the rockin' nursing agency that puts people first

Welcome to our Family

In our house, everyone is family


Which means you enjoy all the perks of being a part of an awesome family without any of the crazy aunts or annoying cousins you might have in your own family.

AMP Rocks!


At AMP, Life is Different

We specialize in locating hard-to-find nursing professionals. And once we find them...we keep them. Our Agents spoil the pajamas off our awesome staff with crazy perks like flexible scheduling, daily pay and blow-your-mind benefits. 


Our Passion is People

Our enthusiasm for finding impressive nursing staff is contagious. We clearly love what we do and it shows. 

We earned our reputation for treating people right the old-fashioned way...we earned it.


Mission: Possible!

Our mission is to focus unwaveringly on serving the needs of our people to build a stronger workforce for our clients, which in turn gives our people more work opportunities resulting in a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone.

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