Hire Awesome People


Got needs? We've Got People

AMP totally rocks the recruiting of amazing people who also happen to be RNs, LPNs and STNAs. Once we get 'em, we keep 'em. We have the best retention rate in the industry. And we did it the old-fashioned way...we earned it.


Call-Off Excuse-a-Rama

Call-offs suck. We've heard every excuse in the book before..at least twice. So we don't panic when somebody is going to their granny's 9th funeral instead of to your shift...we jump into action with backup replacements and blow-your-mind incentives to re-fill that hole in your schedule.


We've Got Your Back

We feel your pain. Too many needs and not enough people endangers patient care to the point that makes us want to cry. That's why we are so driven in our recruiting efforts and passionate about treating staff royally. Happy staff means working staff which means happy Schedulers and smiling DONs.

Really Cool Stuff

Dedicated Facility Team


We knock your socks off with great service. You talk to the same people to confirm your shifts as you did when you called in your needs. Our Facility Team works seamlessly together to impress even the most doubtful Scheduler.

24-Hour Live Phone Support


Is there anything worse than a late night call-off and the only thing you can do is leave 50 billion voicemails? Not at AMP. We don't hire any computer robot voices in our office, only real live people. 

Free Cookie Deliveries


Admit it. There are some days that rattle your last nerve and the only thing to soothe your soul would be fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Delivered. Right to your desk.

Call us. We're on it. Seriously.