You're the Boss of You

Who's Your Agent?

Our Agents focus on what's important... You. At AMP You have your very own Talent Agent looking out for your best interests and negotiating the best deals for you. Want to work? Call your Agent.


RN, LPN, STNA is what you do...But what do you wanna do? Your Agent will help you go for it. Want to work in that skilled specialty unit or go back to school for your degree? Your Agent will help you find out how. At AMP, your Agent works for you.


Work only for the facilities you want and not for the facilities you don't. Drive only as far as you want whether it's a 5 minute hop to work or an hour long commute. It's all up to you  'cause you're the boss of you. 


Create your own schedule by choosing the days of the week and the shifts you want to work. No mandatory weekends or holidays. No mandatory anything. Work P/T, F/T or only once in a blue moon after eating green jello.


Why are you working so hard? To pay the bills? Pay for your kids' education? Save for an exotic vacation? Our job as Agents is to make your job easier and improve the quality of your life. We're gonna work our patootie off to help you reach that goal.

How Much?

How much do you want to make as part of the AMP family? Our Agents are always looking for ways to help you increase your earning potential. They're on your side, giving you tips to move up the money ladder. 

Cool Stuff

Daily Pay

It's your money....get it faster at AMP. Turn in your timecard in in the morning and get your money by the time the kids get off the bus.

Free Roadside Assistance

Sometimes the car just stops.  And stays stopped. Who you gonna call? AMP. We'll call the tow truck and get you a ride to work. Because that's what family does for each other, right?

24 Hour Phone Support

Tired of talking to robot voices?  Us too. AMP never sleeps. We are the only Agency to have Live Phone Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And we've been doing it for 18 years. voice mail!

The Paperwork

We are so excited that you have chosen to become a member of the AMP Family!
Please download, print and fill out the appropriate packet (STNA, LPN or RN) plus employment papers.
We host mandatory orientations every Wednesday, starting at 12:00, sharp!  We'll even treat you to lunch!  
Come by 11:00 to get your BCI taken care of and to make sure you are ready to be hired!

Please let us know you are coming by calling 330-433-1080

Bring with you: 

  • All paperwork, printed and completely filled out 
  • Your driver's license and Social Security Card
  • Copy of your health check/ physical (within last 5 years)
  • TB Test Results (current, within year)
  • $35 for your background check (credit, cash or check accepted)
  • A positive attitude!